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Professor Yiu-Wing Mai Visited Sichuan University
2010 College Research Seminar held
Prof. Fu Qiang was Awarded the Second Prize of National Technical P...
Mr.Stenphen Cheng of The University of Akron was invited as Honorar...
      As a national key subject, Polymer Science and
 Engineering in Sichuan University was firstly found in
 1953 by Prof. Xu Xi (Member of Chinese Academy of It
 is also a key subject of "211 Project" and "985 Project".
   The college was established as the first college of polymer science and engineering among
   all .the national key universities of China.
 the present College of
 Polymer Science and
 Engineering(CPSE) has
 three disciplines: The discipline of Material
 Science, The discipline of Material Proces-
 sing Engineering...
 • Research Projects supported by Natio- nal Natural Science Foundation

  • Main Published Papers
There are about 1600 students in the College of Pol-
ymer Material and Engineering. The annually recruit-
ment for undergraduate students is 350~400. The an-
nually recruitment for graduate students is about
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